New Suicide Squad #21 review

New Suicide Squad 21


I really love this book. New Suicide Squad has been an absolute joy under Tim Seeley and Juan Ferreyra (look at that cover!), and I’m going to hate seeing the team leave after next month’s issue. No, really… it’s going to be so hard to give up another good thing (Midnighter). So for now, I’m just going to relish what remains from this team, and hope that the new team can reach the bar that was set before them.

“Kill Anything” is the closing chapter of this arc, and it’s been one wild ride leading up to this point! From Harley using the lunch lady as an informant to escape, to the actual escape, to the reveal of the Fist of Cain, and now the slaughter… this book has been awesome! Last month saw the demise of Hunky Punk (Mr. Hockey Puck!!!), Amanda Waller being prepared for sacrifice, and Deathtrap assassinating Deadshot (say it ain’t so). To make matters worse, there’s now a demonic entity named Rose Tattoo – who is basically a harbinger of death,  born from death – that is wreaking havoc on the castle. The Suicide Squad’s only hope for survival at this point, is Captain Boomerang… oi.

This issue kicks off with our favorite Aussie, and it’s what you would expect from Boomerang. Let’s face it, the guy is a complete idiot… But he’s a dangerous idiot. The rest of the Squad are split. Harley, Diablo, and Cheetah are working to stop Rose Tattoo, and their odds aren’t looking good. El Diablo steals the show here though as his background and powers are explored a little further. He’s always been an interesting character, but there are certain elements presented in this issue that really push him into potentially becoming as recognizable of a name as Deadshot or Captain Boomerang. The moment is brief, but it’s extremely satisfying, and is something that will hopefully be explored further during Rebirth.

On the other side of the castle, Waller comes too, and is completely at the mercy of Reed, Deathtrap, and the Fist of Cain. The thing to remember about Waller though, is that she isn’t a push over, and Deathtrap may still have an angle that he’s working. The rest of the Squad, as well as Boomerang, eventually join the fray before the conflict comes to a close. It’s an action packed chapter that reads incredibly fast, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in quality. Where the narrative may feel a little rushed at times, that negative is counteracted with great depth and characterization. Oh, and humor! There’s lots and lots of humor! Honestly, what’s not to love?


The Art: Gus Vazquez covers art duties for this issue, and if you read my Upcoming Comics post, then you know that I was being a little bit of a baby about not having Ferreryra (mainly because he’s awesome). Now that I’ve seen Vazquez’s work, I take back any hesitation or reservation I had. I don’t know where this guy has been, but his work is VERY similar to Ferreyra’s. There were moments that I legitimately forgot that it was a different artist. Granted, Ferreyra did do the breakdowns and the colors, so that helps with consistency, but even beyond that, they stylization nearly matched. The only that separates the two artists’ pencils, in my opinion, is that Ferreyra finds very minor details to add and accentuate in his art. It’s a small separation, but one that straddles the line of “really good” and “excellent.”



Breakdowns for this issue can be found in the spoiler tag.



Recommended if:

  • You want to learn more about El Diablo.
  • You’re curious to see if the Squad escapes the conflict with the Fist of Cain.
  • You’re looking for a lot of action and some good laughs.


Overall:  Seeley closes out the current arc with this issue, and the story is satisfying in almost every way. This is easily the best run for New Suicide Squad, and I’m going to be so sad to see this team go after next month’s issue. The fact that DC would put Seeley and Ferreyra on this title for such a short time almost feels cruel, because I can’t imagine another creative fitting as perfectly as these two do. Go pick up this issue/ run (whichever is relevant)! You’ll be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t!


SCORE: 7.5/10

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