Titans: Rebirth #1 review


I NEED MORE TITANS IN MY LIFE. Yay, so who was excited for Titans: Rebirth? Just me? No? Alrighty then, let’s proceed. If you’ve been following Titans Hunt, then you’re basically all caught up for Titans: Rebirth. But if you’re like me sometimes and have a crazy, busy life with drama always happening – barely making time to read comic books can be a hassle and you need some catching up to do. So, let’s do that first! I’m going to break it into a spoiler, just in case if you still want to go ahead and read the comic book, because it’s a good read and honestly you should probably do that, because I’ve been told I suck at story-telling. Not kidding.


Titans Hunt in a nutshell: Arsenal has been having some crazy nightmares about not being able to remember things and attempts to call his substance abuse counselor, Lilith to talk about it. Arsenal meets Gnarrk and Lilith, where Lilith tells him that she has hidden the files about the other members of the Teen Titans, to protect them and the world, because someone died in the past for it. Mister Twister kidnaps Mal, who’s actually The Herald (or Vox in previous comics), and uses his musical abilities to open up a portal for his master. While all of this is happening, the first ones at this scene to find Mal was Donna, Dick, and Garth (who tried hurting each other in the beginning, but realized they knew each other without an explanation for it).  In the end, the Titans end up realizing that they have purposely forgotten their memories so that Mister Twister would not be able to utilize their abilities to take over the world. Along with Mal, Karen, Hawk, Dove, and Gnarrk part of the team, they all work together and as a team (I’ve said team too many times now) to take down Mister Twister by letting him become physically real (since he had some sort of ghostlike feature, but every time the Titans remembered, he would become an actual person) and taking him down. At the last Titans Hunt issue, we end up summing up that there was still one more person missing from the Teen Titans, but we weren’t sure who it was, or what happened to them. If this wasn’t a big problem, we’d be all good, but they all had a feeling that something bigger was coming, so now we’re here.


This is our gang. The Teen Titans. These six individuals make up the team and even though I’m sure you know who they are, let’s just name them for fun. Lilith, Wally, Roy, Dick, Donna, and Garth. This photo was taken before Titans Hunt, so if you didn’t read the spoiler, because you’re still planning on reading that comic book that came before Titans: Rebirth, just keep that in mind. This comic book starts off with Wally giving us the background story of what has become of him, just a memory in the Teen Titans’ past, but he’s finally had enough and confronts Dick first about it. Up to this point, we don’t really know where Flash has been or why he’s decided to confront the Titans, but he has this super awesome revamped costume and I am loving it. Actually, kudos to the creative team on this comic book. I remember reviewing Titans Hunt and loving the story and artwork in it, so if you liked that, you’re definitely going to love the artwork in this one. It’s a big difference from the photo above and if you compare that to the entire comic book; the color scheme is mellow with the dark and light blues as the background for most of the frames, but then coordinate with the Titan that they’re talking about (so if Wally was in the photo, then the frame background would be red, if Lilith was in the frame, then the background would be green, and so forth).


As much as I’m loving the revamped costumes for everyone (especially since it’s Rebirth, ya know), I think the thing I’m excited about the most, is the story that Abnett is going to deliver. With Wally coming to the middle of all of this, it really feels like a mystery that you just want to put the pieces together and solve. Some of the stuff that I hope we get to see come from this comic book are the following:

  • Possible new team members come to the Titans group (we had Bumblebee, Gnarrk, Hawk, Dove, and The Herald in Titans Hunt) and I’m wondering if we’re going to see them in this comic book and work with our current main characters.
  • New villains. We didn’t get to see who was the main person attempting to take over the world in Titans Hunt, only that Mister Twister was using Malcolm’s abilities to get them through. So is it gonna be them? Or someone else?
  • The creative team take chances with the already awesome artwork that they put in this comic book and the writing daring us to look more into what we just read. In Titans Hunt, we got a lot of flashbacks and I saw that although this didn’t start with a flashback, we did see mini-memories when Wally was talking to each Titan member.


Back to the story, Wally’s sparks end up reacting a memory nerve (a memory nerve, ha) in each of the Titans and they finally end up realizing that it’s Wally. After they beat him up just a bit, but the point is, they remembered! Wally goes on to explain that he’s been watching from the outside and they have lost 10 years. 10 YEARS. 10 FREAKING YEARS. That’s insane. I’d freak out if I lost just one. And most of the time, I’m spending my time eating or sleeping. This is still the beginning of the comic book, so we’re not getting any plot info and we don’t get it even at the end. The main purpose of this comic book, is to introduce Wally West and make sure that we, as the reader, know that Kid Flash is all grown up and ready to fight with the Titans.


By far my favorite memory out of the entire Titans. Let’s play the, WWBD game. I think, Bruce would’ve scolded Dick, but then smiled in the background and let the kid have his fun. OR he probably knew already (because he’s the goddamn Batman) and just let him have the fun. Ha.

The Good: There’s so much good. Great story, love the artwork. Lots of action. Even though there were no villains in this issue, the fighting scenes with the Titans attempting to take down Wally was fun to read. I always love reading stuff like that. We always see them (for the most part) take down their enemies, but their own? It’s always ten times hard to do so.

The Bad: Although you don’t really need to read Titans Hunt to read this comic book, I highly recommend it. They did refer to it one time and if they’re bringing the mystery of who tried to hurt them in the past, you’d have to know somewhat about what they’re talking about. Or continue to come back here to Batman News and read my reviews! Honestly, that’s the only bad part.

Recommended If:

  • You loved Kid Flash and now want more of Wally West with the Titans!
  • You enjoyed Titans Hunt and just can’t live without it.
  • You secretly want to be part of the gang and this is the only way you can do it.


Overall: I am really looking forward to reading this comic book and the story continues in a month! So mark your calendars, because Titans #1 is coming and I am so ready for it. Who’s going to be our main villain? I have no idea. We’re going to have to go back to our Teen Titans comic books and see who’s next on the list. Overall, great start to an already great comic book.


Score: 8.5/10