“Night of the Monster Men” crossover announced

Just weeks into the new Rebirth status quo and DC has already announced its first big Batman crossover: “Night of the Monster Men.”

The synopsis from DC:

Gotham City is the battleground for the first crossover since the beginning of REBIRTH this past June! “Night of the Monster Men” spans the BATMAN, NIGHTWING and DETECTIVE COMICS issues on sale late September and early October, pitting the heroes of Gotham against a mystery-shrouded foe from the Dark Knight’s past!

“Batman fights giant monsters” has the potential to be either amazing it terrible, so time will tell, but with such a ridiculous premise hopefully the creative teams will revel in how delightfully silly it is to give us a good B-movie type yarn.

The six-part crossover kicks off in Batman #7, on sale September 21st, and continues through that title, Nightwing, and Detective Comics through October.

Gamespot also conducted an interview with Steve Orlando and and Riley Rossmo regarding the crossover, so head over there to see what they have to see and check out some exclusive images.