Ben Affleck says ‘Justice League’ is coming to San Diego Comic-Con next month

Why do celebrities make the big bucks? Well, for a lot of reasons. But one of them is because they can’t go anywhere without being mobbed by fans! Ben Affleck took a break from filming Justice League to return home to Los Angeles for Father’s Day over the weekend, and the paparazzi caught some of it on video.

Affleck was casually chatting with fans as he signed their Batman pictures, and revealed that Warner Bros. is bringing Justice League to Comic-Con!

“Will you be at Comic-Con, sir?,” one fan asked. “Yeah, we’ll be there,” Affleck replied.

Warner Bros. already announced that they’re bringing Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman to San Diego Comic-Con next month, leaving some fans to wonder if there was any room for the cast of Justice League. According to Affleck, there is, and they’ll be there in July!

Speaking of Justice League, some members of the press were invited to the set in London last week. They have some big news coming tomorrow morning, Tuesday, June 21st. Stay tuned to Batman News to hear all about it!