Harley Quinn #29 review


After the crazy antics from Harley that we had last month, I seriously didn’t think it could get any funnier, but boy was I proven wrong from Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. Typically, Boots reviews Harley Quinn, but I couldn’t pass it up, when she wasn’t going to be able to and asked if any other reviewer could take it this week. Cat saying no to Harley? No such thing!

So, where are we at? This month’s issue was titled, Destroy All Mobsters! – which actually goes back to Harley Quinn #27 and if you need a refresher, you can read Boot’s review on it HERE. If you’re too lazy to do that, Harley’s own quote says, “I intentionally hatcheted his heir’s head when that Red Tool Kerfuffle happened at skate club.” Oh Harley. What are we gonna do with you? Nothing we’re too surprised about though.

There’s this guy. He’s known for a while that his wife has been cheating on him. What do you do with that information? Have a super intelligent lady build some Transformer-like vehicles and do the following…


UM. I know this is a little more provocative than what we usually put on here.. but can you just imagine that scenario. LIKE. Just .. no.

Did the guy take it overboard? Eh… his wife was cheating on him, with the entire male staff, but really… what did he expect? She was in her twenties. RANT OVER. Back to Harley Quinn. The only reason why this was brought up, was purely for those high-tech robotic vehicles that Mitch O’ Bannon wants to get in his hands. In return, Harley gets her twenty thousand… especially since she has some bills to pay. Even to the gang of Harleys.

Poor Harley isn’t so heartbroken about Red Tool though. She seems to move pretty quickly when she pays Poison Ivy a visit in the city. I’ve never minded the very close relationship that she has with Poison Ivy. I’m sure people see it as a ‘Oh-that’s-so-hot- kind of thing. When really, Poison Ivy is always by her side and actually cares about her. Do I like to see them get all cozy? Yeah. If anything, they should just date and be the hardcore power couple that I know they can be. Haha. Now who’s the crazy one here?


The plan doesn’t always go according to plan though. How am I not surprised? HAHA. I love how much I was laughing at everything that I was reading. Conner and Palmiotti really know how to get the reader’s attention by being silly at its most cheesiest. Harley ends up waking up waaaay past the time that she was supposed to get the vehicles, but still decides that it’s a good idea to go in broad daylight.


Harley Quinn‘s creative team at its best! HA. The writing – who else would manage to get twenty-thousand and then score a bowling deal? Harley, that’s who. The art to this only seals the deal. First frame: Working the floor. The light is shining bright on our main characters. Second frame: SERIOUS FACE ON.


Dominic really picked a bad time to mess with Harley. Especially, when she got her hands on a Harley Quinn robotic suit! Cause after she beats Mitch in this getup, she’s looking to solve the main problem at no cost. If that includes shooting bullets, rockets, and more from her bosom and bottom, then so be it.

I’m not even going to put a spoiler on my favorite scene in this entire issue. There were so many ass-puns that I could not stop from laughing. But when I saw the following photo. I died. I had to show my 10-year-old brother the shenanigans that you see with Harley Quinn comic books.


I CAN’T EVEN WITH THIS. On a scale from 1 to even. I just can’t. HAHAHAHA.

The Good: Destroy all Mobsters? More like, nothing can get through Harley now that she has that badass suit. I am expecting to see more ass-whooping in the future. I mentioned it was cheesy, because it was. Not in a bad way though! It’s Harley Quinn! You can literally make her say anything and it’s always going to sound awesome, because it’s Harley. The art. These facial expressions are just… everything. She’s super excited and you can see that on her face. She’s pissed and you better believe you’re going to see that on her face. Kudos to the creative team!

The Bad: If I had to choose anything that was bad in this issue, it’d have to be how quickly Dominic Capablo’s life ended. Who did he think he was? Some mobster? Oh. Not a good one, I suppose.

Recommended If:

  • You want to see Harley’s ass…ets.
  • You enjoy robotic vehicles fighting each other in transformer-like style.
  • You want to laugh, laugh, and laugh over the most cheesiest lines ever. Hats off to the writers!

Overall: Conner and Palmiotti have taken Harley Quinn to another level, that I’ve been impressed with for a while now. They know how to take a big character like her and really give us every possible scenario. Something crazy like Harley popping some rockets out of her bottoms is totally normal. Totally.

Score: 8/10