‘Suicide Squad’ runtime to clock in at just over 2 hours

Last week popular movie ticket website Fandango said that Suicide Squad was 100 minutes long. That caught a lot of people off guard, because that would be a really short superhero movie! Director David Ayer added fuel to the fire by retweeting that news, before coming out and saying it wasn’t true.

So what is the official Suicide Squad runtime? According to trusted sources over at Collider, Suicide Squad is 130 minutes long — or 2 hours and 10 minutes. That means we’re looking at about two solid hours of action without the credits.

While this makes Suicide Squad the shortest movie in the DC Extended Universe so far, it’s not short at all as far as movies go. Anything over two hours is what fans have come to expect from these big superhero movies, and with all of the characters in Suicide Squad, they’ll make the most of that time.

SOURCE: Collider