Why Margot Robbie didn’t want to eat her ‘Suicide Squad’ birthday cake

You may remember last year Margot Robbie was on the set of Suicide Squad during her 25th birthday. She shared a picture of a special Harley Quinn cake that the crew got for her to celebrate.

Last night, Robbie was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and told a funny story about her Suicide Squad birthday party. On that day, she was filming the scene that we’ve seen in the trailers where Harley is in her underwear and is getting dressed.


Even someone as beautiful as Margot Robbie gets self-conscious about her body sometimes, so she didn’t want to eat a big cake on a day where she’d be half-naked on set for hours.

Finally, as the evening rolled in, Robbie decided she had enough. She dug into the cake and said the scene would have to wait! You can watch Robbie tell the full story in the video below.

That Suicide Squad party was almost exactly a year ago. Robbie will be celebrating her 26th birthday this Saturday, July 2nd.