Did Hans Zimmer give away Batman v Superman’s ending in 2014?

In January 2014, composer Hans Zimmer hosted an “Ask Me Anything” on reddit. One of the questions he was asked was what the most embarrassing moment of his life was.

Check out Zimmer’s response below:

The most embarrassing moment of my professional life was when I was in a script meeting and I hadn’t read the script and I kept talking about how the two heroes are going to ride off into the sunset and describing the glorious music in great scene at the end and how beautiful it was going to be. Then the producer said “you haven’t read the script have you?” I said “yes I have.” He then said “One of the heroes dies.” — Hans Zimmer on reddit

Zimmer tried to BS his way through a script meeting, but got caught in his lie! A movie about two heroes, where he expected them to ride off into the sunset, but then found out that one of the heroes dies? That sounds like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to me! It’s funny looking back to see that a possible big spoiler was right in front of our eyes!

Do you think Zimmer was referring to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Let me know in the comments below.

VIA: reddit