‘Suicide Squad’ set visit reports: new info and photos revealed

Last summer a handful of websites were invited to the set of Suicide Squad. Today they’re finally able to talk about what they saw. Because these interviews occurred so long ago, there’s not a ton of information that we haven’t heard before, but there’s still some interesting details to dissect.

Collider wrote up 55 noteworthy items they learned, and I wanted to share some of the ones that I found to be the most interesting.

  • The film is a true ensemble, but Deadshot is the proverbial leader and Ayer says “this is really Will Smith’s movie.”
  • Putting Batman in the film was David Ayer’s idea and desire, because he has such a strong connection to so many of the characters in Belle Reve.
  • Scott Eastwood plays a Navy SEAL that’s part of the main mission alongside the Suicide Squad, not a comics character.
  • Ayer chose which members of the Squad would be in the movie. There was no mandate from the studio. But he did collaborate with Geoff Johns when it came to crafting certain stories for some of the characters.
  • David Ayer would come up with new ideas on set, or hand over new pages that he just wrote that ended up being an entire monologue.
  • They explored the design of Harley Quinn thoroughly before settling on the final costume, even going so far as to mock up the original jester’s costume.
  • Early designs for The Joker included his iconic purple suit, but after Jared Leto signed on the take on the character evolved.

There were also new Suicide Squad images released today, as well as hi-res versions of ones that we’ve seen previously. You can check them out in the gallery below.

Head on over to Collider to learn more about their set visit.

SOURCE: Collider