Teen Titans Go! Digital Issue #33 review


There are rumblings in Titans Tower.

Literal rumblings.

Is it an earthquake?  An explosion?  Beast Boy’s stomach?

Alas, it is far worse: Starfire is sick with the Tameranean flu.

And Robin is completely altruistic in his concern, of course.

This sets in motion the team’s desire to help their friend get better.

That’s really about it, but hey, there are a few good laughs.

My absolute favorite part of the issue, and one of the funniest things I’ve seen from this series in a long time, is Robin’s needlessly convoluted plan involving deception, disguises, and other trickery.


Anything with Silkie is pretty much gold, so props to Di Chiara for that.

Ivan Cohen’s script isn’t as snappy or even goofy as I was hoping it would have been, but it’s still a fun read with a truly bizarre third act turn that at least deserves points for being different.

See, Starfire insists that all she needs is rest and the flu will subside in time, but of course the team takes it upon themselves to attempt to cure her ailment.  After much medication, failed plans, and fart jokes (ohhhh the fart jokes), Raven remembers an ancient remedy that just might work: a recipe for Apacaean Soup, made with a feather from the giant, gold-crested Glibshar.

Once on the home planet of the Glibshars, the team encounters a native who reveals that the creatures have long since left, but he may be able to spare a feather… for a price.  If they’ll do some work for him and his family, the native promises to give the Titans what they’re searching for.

You know what that means: we’ve got ourselves a montage.


Click here to play some Loverboy for full effect.

It’s certainly bizarre, but still fairly predictable: you can probably guess the actual identities of the natives, abs once they say they want to have the Titans for dinner you really know where things will end up.  Either way this was enjoyable, if not exactly memorable.

Unless you like fart jokes, that is; in that case this is your new favorite comic.

Recommended if: 

  • You like the TV show.
  • You want a few laughs.
  • Seriously, so many fart jokes.

Overall: I didn’t really love it or hate it, but with a few bizarre twists and some genuinely funny moments it’s at least worth reading.  There might not be a single thing that I’ll remember even in a few days’ time, but there are worse things you can do with your time and a dollar.

SCORE: 5.5/10