‘Suicide Squad’ is tracking to have the biggest August opening of all time

When Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice made over $166 million in its first opening weekend in North America, it set the record for the biggest March opening of all time. Now, it looks like Suicide Squad is going to claim that record for August!

Smart industry analysts are able to gather data and predict how big a movie will open, and right now Suicide Squad is on track for a big $125 million first weekend box office in North America. Some say it could even top $135 million, though it’s still a bit too early to know for sure.

Marvel’s 2014 movie Guardians of the Galaxy currently holds the biggest August opening weekend box office record with $94.3 million, so Suicide Squad should beat that with ease if these analysts predictions are correct.

Suicide Squad tickets go on sale tomorrow (be sure to come back to Batman News for all the links you need to get your tickets first), and the movie opens on August 5th. We’ll know very soon if it turns out to be the big hit everyone thinks it’s going to be!

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter