New images of Gal Gadot in ‘Wonder Woman’, plus new movie details

The Comic-Con issue of Entertainment Weekly is available now, and while it doesn’t feature Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, or Justice League on the cover (The Dark Tower got that honor), it does feature some new photos and information inside about Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot.

Entertainment Weekly was on the London set of Wonder Woman in March. It was spring, but the cold, damp day made it feel like winter. And there was Gal Gadot standing tall atop a five story building in her not-so-warm Wonder Woman costume.

“It was such an important moment,” Gadot told the magazine. “Even though the weather was not cooperating, I had to deal with it”.

When asked about the discomfort, Gadot laughed and replied “What’s to say? It was cold. My ovaries froze.” A joke that was sure to remind everyone this was a female-lead superhero movie.

Director Patty Jenkins, who met with Warner Bros. in 2005 about a Wonder Woman movie, gave her thoughts on why she thinks it took so long to get made. “I think part of the reason Wonder Woman hasn’t happened [until now] is because the right way to do it is as a classic origin story,” she said. “People were afraid to do it with a woman, and now they are less so.”

Producer Charles Roven spoke about getting the script just right, which we learned this week was co-written by DC Comics’ Geoff Johns.

“We spent a fair amount of time getting this script right, but we also had a big, big motor [pushing us]. Expanding the DC universe was a major priority for Warner Bros.,” Roven explained.

Patty Jenkins then went on to praise Gal Gadot’s work in the role. “The natural spirit of Gal is Wonder Woman. She’s so kind, so good, so beautiful, and capable of being sexy, but not in a way that makes other women uncomfortable. It’s what Wonder Woman should be.”

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly (July 22, 2016)