Batgirl and the Birds of Prey: Rebirth #1 review


WOAH! Batgirl and the Birds of Prey: Rebirth is finally here and I am so excited to be reviewing this comic book for you guys. These gals have always been personal favorites of mine and let me just be the first one to admit, that this comic book needs to be on your list to read! The Benson sisters have truly outdone themselves with this comic and I am looking forward to reading the upcoming issues in the near future. So, shall we begin?

Batgirl starts the issue with remembering memories in the past that are going to be vital to this comic book, especially if we’re trying to figure out who is attempting to impersonate her as Oracle. At this point, I think we’re all curious, at who’s this Oracle that has the mafia out and about killing – this is extremely crucial, because that’s her reputation that she’s trying to protect. You can truly see Batman’s training shining perfectly with Batgirl’s investigating; She hacks into every camera known in Gotham (even some kid’s phone named Andy, haha) and the creative team does an incredible job  with capturing these camera feeds in the most realist way possible. If it was Andy’s phone, the people in the frame were close-up and portrayed a clear picture, compared to the (I’m assuming) park camera, that portrayed the individuals in a distant manner and black-and-white photo. I’m telling you, the creative team truly looked at every detail.


Batgirl comes to admit that her inspiration to becoming who she was, could be contributed to her father, Jim Gordon and later worked with Batman, when her father expected her to drive away from his own profession. I loved how the Benson sisters even brought out memorable stories like The Killing Joke‘s scene on Barbara becoming handicapped to a wheelchair.


I don’t know what I love about this comic book more. The fact that they took more time to work on Batgirl’s background story, to make sure that the reader knew exactly the type of person that she was, or taking the time to bring out Black Canary and Helena Bertinelli’s characters to shine along with her. As a writer with these stories, you need to take the time to introduce the main characters, because every choice that they make, can be brought out later on in an important aspect. HAHA. I feel like I sound like Yoda. Someone needs to rewrite that sentence in the comments section in Yoda’s voice.


So Black Canary was in a band. That doesn’t surprise me… this songbird wanted to find herself and she was simply doing that with her lifestyle choices. Every character needs to find their way sometimes. Even Batman did that in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, when he went back to his parent’s grave and sought out for some sort of insight. THIS IS NORMAL. Do we as individuals do that? I feel like we do. We try to find ourselves, but what truly amazes me about the way the writers did it, was that it was realistic. Yeah guys. I keep forgetting that these are characters that are human beings. Yes they save the world, but they are people too! Okay, enough ranting. Batgirl recruits Dinah’s help and begs her to bring back the Birds of Prey. Well not really begs, but sort of seemed like she did. Mostly to clean her name.


GAWDDD. I LOVED HELENA’S SCENE. This is beautiful. Huntress at a church, confessing her sins, speaking to God. Then this happens.



Louis Terroni. Or as Black Canary says it… Louis PEPPERONI. Those small moments that they can bring humor in, are always at the right time. He’s connected to the mafia and Helena is not going to back down to kill the guy. She’s getting her sweet, sweet vengeance. To the point where even Dinah had to try to stop her, before Batgirl could do some questioning. Honestly, the ending was slightly confusing, when I was reading it, I felt rushed. Everything was just happening so quickly.. the room started spinning. But really, Louis Pepperoni is going to get his punishment, because these girls don’t back down so easily.

The Good: The writing! WOOOO. I enjoyed reading this comic book and I’m sure you will too (or did enjoy it too.) We got the feel of who these three beautiful ladies are and how their own personalities are going to come through and bring their abilities to the table. The creative team really outdid themselves, they calculated every detail possible when it came to the artwork. The colors were dark and mysterious, which gave this comic book a serious feel to it. This isn’t girl fighting bad guys, these are superheroes (that happen to be female, which you guys know I completely love) that are going to make a difference! In Gotham at least, ha.

The Bad: This is always a problem that I feel happens with some of the comic books that I review, the ending is always sacrificed and I truly feel that this happened with this issue at least. I hope that in the near issues that come out, this doesn’t happen. That’s my only beef with it.




Hmm.. What does Huntress know that we don’t?

Recommended If:

  • You love Batgirl, Black Canary, and Huntress. DUH.
  • You want to truly see how an all-female team works.


Score: 8/10