Jared Leto’s Joker has a giant dragon tattoo on his back in ‘Suicide Squad’

For the last few months various Joker toys from Suicide Squad have popped up online. Some of them had a giant dragon tattoo on his back, while others didn’t. This lead some fans to wonder just what Jared Leto’s Joker would look like in the movie. We knew he’d have a bunch of tattoos, but he’s officially getting one more!

San Diego Comic-Con preview night is officially underway, and Batman News reviewer Andrew Asberry is on the scene! He swung by an event hosted by DC Collectibles and took pictures of their Jared Leto Joker figure from Suicide Squad, confirming that he will indeed have a giant dragon tattoo on his back. It’s definitely inspired by “All Star Batman and Robin, The Boy Wonder #8”, which was written by Frank Miller with art by Jim Lee.

Check out some photos in the gallery below. Andrew even sent over some photos of other Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman figures from the official DC Collectibles line.

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