Conan O’Brien shows what Matt Damon would look like as Wonder Woman in hilarious video

Conan O’Brien is doing shows on the road in San Diego this week for Comic-Con, and last night he visited Ironhead Studio, the company that makes most of your favorite superhero costumes — including the costumes that were used in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

O’Brien came across the body sculpture they used for Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and decided to have a little fun… by putting a sculpt of Ben Affleck’s BFFL Matt Damon’s face on it! The entire video is pretty hilarious, and Conan gets a superhero costume of his own at the very end. Check it out!

Get used to seeing Conan O’Brien. He’ll be hosting the big Warner Bros. panel in Hall H on Saturday, which will include panels for Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad. Then later Saturday night, the cast of Suicide Squad will be on a special episode of Conan.