Watch 8 clips from ‘Suicide Squad’ and 9 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage

In addition to a final trailer, Warner Bros. has released 8 clips from Suicide Squad today. We also got over 9 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage. Want to see more of the Joker/Harley “I’m just gonna hurt ya” scene? It’s here! And it includes an alternate take from Leto that wasn’t in the trailer. There’s lots of other great footage too.

Some fans may want to avoid these clips since we’re so close to the movie’s August 5th release date, but if you’re craving for some more footage you’ll definitely get your money’s worth below!

Update: And if all that below it’s enough, check out one more clip that features Batman!

If you made it this far, then you’re probably interested in the 9 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage too. It includes a cameo of Harley Quinn’s classic jester outfit!

Suicide Squad is less than two weeks away! It hits theaters on August 5th.