‘Suicide Squad’ won Comic-Con, according to cold hard facts

After San Diego Comic-Con wrapped this weekend, the inevitable question arose. Who “won” the big show? Was it DC Films or Marvel Studios? Well, according to some cold hard facts, it was DC Films. More specifically, Suicide Squad!

Variety gathered metrics put together by ListenFirst Media, to determine which movie this weekend received the most interest. The metric includes total volume of official hashtag mentions across social media, along with Wikipedia page views to gauge search interest. Suicide Squad won, by a lot!

Suicide Squad received a score of 548,092, beating out the second closest of 426,654, Star Trek Beyond, which had its premiere at Comic-Con. Wonder Woman was in third place with a score of 366,389, followed by Justice League in fourth with 295,965. All the way at the bottom of the Top 10 list was Marvel’s Doctor Strange at #8 and Spider-Man: Homecoming at #9, a likely consequence of not releasing their footage online like DC Films did.

I know that Suicide Squad is the closest to coming out, but I’m a little surprised it beat out both Wonder Woman and Justice League, two movies that premiered brand new footage at Comic-Con. What do you make of these numbers?

SOURCE: Variety