Geoff Johns gets promoted to President of DC Entertainment


Yesterday Bleeding Cool reported a rumor saying that Geoff Johns had been promoted to President of DC Entertainment, and they were right!

Variety just confirmed the news, saying that Johns will retain his Chief Operating Officer title and continue to report to DC Entertainment’s Diane Nelson, who also has the title of “President”. The change took place two months ago, so probably right around the time that Johns got another promotion. He is also co-running DC Films for Warner Bros. along with Jon Berg.

Variety notes that this promotion is part of an evolution of the executive structure at Warner Bros., which saw mildly disappointing results from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Since then, Johns has been very involved in the movies, with reports saying he played a part in Suicide Squad’s post-production process. He co-wrote the Wonder Woman movie, and even helped with an early draft of the upcoming Aquaman movie.

With this new promotion, it seems like Johns will have further control over all of the DC Comics properties at Warner Bros.

SOURCE: Variety