Warner Bros. just spoiled a cool ‘Suicide Squad’ cameo

This week Warner Bros. released their online press kit for Suicide Squad. It included new images, video interviews, and official press releases about the movie. One of those documents was titled “Final Credits” and it listed the name and role of each actor in the order in which they appeared in the movie. Surprisingly, there was a big cameo on that list. Read on if you choose…

According to the press release from Warner Bros., Ezra Miller will appear as The Flash in Suicide Squad. The Hollywood Reporter has more details about his role, which they say is not part of an after credits scene. He will be in the actual movie.

Apparently Ezra Miller’s scene as The Flash was added in at the last minute. It could have been shot back in April when Suicide Squad underwent reshoots, or even more recently than that, according to THR.

Captain Boomerang, a main character in Suicide Squad, is a Flash villain, so the cameo isn’t completely out of place. It’s just weird that Warner Bros. let this news out themselves, rather than keeping it quiet.

Are you excited to see Ezra Miller as The Flash in Suicide Squad? Let me know in the comments below!

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter