Listen to a full track from the ‘Suicide Squad’ score

A couple of weeks ago the Suicide Squad score was announced and today Entertainment Weekly posted an interview with Oscar-winning composer Steven Price, as well as the first full track.

Price said that the late great David Bowie influenced the sound of Suicide Squad, and went on to explain what it was like working with David Ayer again. They had previously collaborated on Fury.

“It’s the first time our heroes are the bad guys. Some of them are iconic — Joker and Batman — but you’ve got these people who haven’t been on the big screen before, so it felt like an opportunity to do a different sort of score to go with a different sort of film that David was making,” Price says. The result is a score that relies on melody and gives each major character his or her own theme, EW says.

“David and I discussed them as being outsiders; they all exist in their world, whatever they’re doing. They’re all outsiders until they become the squad,” he says. “Musically as well, I tried to give them the identity that they exist on their own terms but they made a different sort of sense when they were together with the rest of the squad.”

Take a listen to “Task Force X”, the first track on the Suicide Squad score below. It will be available for pre-order on Amazon and iTunes this Friday. It goes on sale on August 8th.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly