Jai Courtney talks about that big ‘Suicide Squad’ cameo

Warner Bros. revealed a big Suicide Squad cameo this week, and today at a press event in NYC, ComicBook.com asked Jai Courtney more about it. Don’t read on if you want to stay in the dark…

Ezra Miller was revealed to have a cameo as The Flash in Suicide Squad. ComicBook.com says that he appears in the beginning of the movie to apprehend Jai Courtney’s character, Captain Boomerang.

Courtney said that he didn’t shoot the scene with Miller, and explained that he didn’t even know The Flash was in the movie until he saw the finished product for himself. Courtney was surprised that Warner Bros. spoiled the cameo, and felt that they could’ve protected it better.

Courtney said that he’d love to appear in The Flash movie, which is scheduled for a release in March 2018. Check out the full video interview above for more!

SOURCE: ComicBook.com