Jared Leto brought Jimmy Fallon a creepy gift from The Joker

By now you’ve heard the stories over and over again. Jared Leto was in character as The Joker 24/7 while shooting Suicide Squad, and gave his co-stars some strange gifts. Everything from a live rat for Margot Robbie, to bullets for Will Smith, and even used condoms.

Last night Leto was a guest on The Tonight Show and brought a gift for host Jimmy Fallon, which he said was from The Joker. When Fallon opened the box, a live snake slithered out! It was just a baby snake, but Fallon was clearly afraid of it, and Leto had to get it under control. Check out the madness in the video above.

Later on in the interview, Leto said he feels that The Joker is a “sweetheart” and he completely fell in love with the role. Check out the rest of the interview below.