This Week in Comics: Whole lotta Harley

It’s the first week of August, and we’ve already got two Harley books, one book featuring Harley prominently, and another book with the potential to bring Harley along in the near future (ball’s in your court, Mr. King). She’s even got a motion picture debuting this week, fer corn sakes!

The good news is that Harley-in-print was a success. We also saw strong showings in nearly all of the books that we covered. Rebirth has been kind to us all. Here’s a closer look:

Batman #4

Batman 4

Brandon: “Once again, the creative team of King and Finch put forth a story that both resonates and impresses in completely unexpected ways.” Read the review

Batman ’66 Meets Steed and Mrs. Peel Digital Issue #5

Batman 66 Steed and Peel 3

Jay: “The colors are spare, but the action is fluid, the degree of movement is always clear, and there are a few great sight gags thrown in for good measure.” Read the review

Batman Beyond #15

Batman Beyond 15

Josh: “Batman Beyond is one of the most exciting reads from DC Comics, and it’s not getting the attention it deserves!” Read the review

Batman/Superman, Vol. 3: Second Chance

Batman Superman Vol 3

Brian: “I’m not crazy about Pak’s Batman and Superman, but this volume is of comparable quality to the first in the series, which is to say it’s not bad.” Read the review

Break from the Bat #6: Kingsway West


Brian: “When the opportunity for an advance review of Kingsway arose, I was curious to see whether or not Pak could turn out a better product . . . when working with complete creative control. I’m thrilled to say he’s done it.” Read the review

Harley Quinn #1

Harley 1

Elena: “Though I have a feeling everything’s going to somehow work out okay in the end, it’s edge-of-the-seat fun to think about how they’re going to resolve this one.” Read the review

Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harleys #4

Harley Gang 6

Elena: “There’s no bottom to the wacky imagination of Conner and Palmiotti as they throw everything (and then some) at Harley’s cohorts in an attempt to keep them from their rescue.” Read the review

Injustice: Year Five #15

Injustice 5 15

Elena: “This week’s Injustice proves that Brian Buccellato has some tricks yet to play up his sleeve.” Read the review

Justice League #2

Justice League 2

Brian: “Justice League #2 is not a bad book, but it isn’t living up to the potential of its characters or its writer.” Read the review

Nightwing #2

Nightwing 2

Jay: “Seeley is crafting a grand, high-adventure story and is wisely plotting it like an old film, and the artwork from Fernández and Sotomayor is already finding a groove and making for some truly striking visuals.” Read the review

Suicide Squad: Rebirth #1

Suicide Squad Rebirth 1

Josh: “Suicide Squad isn’t perfect, but who wants “perfect” when you have something this damn good?” Read the review