Zack Snyder directed a scene in ‘Suicide Squad’

Here’s a really interesting piece of news! Zack Snyder directed a scene in Suicide Squad, and no, it wasn’t because of all the behind-the-scenes drama with David Ayer and Warner Bros.. Some minor spoilers about a Suicide Squad cameo follow…

In an interview with Collider, Suicide Squad director David Ayer revealed that The Flash’s cameo was shot in London, where Zack Snyder is currently directing Justice League. When Ezra Miller arrived to the set in April as The Flash, Snyder shot his quick 4 second cameo and then shipped the footage off to Los Angeles where Ayer was editing Suicide Squad.

A report came out saying that The Flash’s cameo was added very recently, and now we know why! David Ayer says that The Flash was always in the script and this wasn’t a last minute decision. It just made sense since they didn’t have access to Erza Miller or the Flash costume last year when they were shooting Suicide Squad.

SOURCE: Collider