‘Suicide Squad’ breaks records with massive opening weekend

The bad reviews from critics didn’t stop Suicide Squad from having a massive opening weekend at the box office. It made $135.1 million in North America, which makes it the biggest August opening of all time! Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy held the previous record at just $94.3 million. Suicide Squad also marks a new personal best for Will Smith. Previously his biggest opening was $77.2 million in 2007 for I Am Legend.

Suicide Squad earned another $132 million overseas, which brings it’s worldwide gross to over $267 million. That’s all without the help of China, who has banned the movie from being shown in their country due to its dark tone (which is ridiculous, because Batman v Superman was approved for China, and I think that movie is a lot darker!).

“It bested anything that we could have expected,” said Jeff Goldstein,  Warner Bros. distribution executive vice president. “The marketing campaign was brilliant and the performances by the cast, starting with Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Jared Leto, were just extraordinary. They’re fun and wicked and fans enjoy it.”

According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, Suicide Squad needs to make around $750 million worldwide to be a success for Warner Bros. With $267 million in the first weekend, and positive word of mouth from fans, it could be on its way!

SOURCE: Variety