Margot Robbie on ‘Suicide Squad’ deleted scenes with Jared Leto: “It’s like magic”

By now you’ve heard all about Jared Leto’s disappointment with how many Joker scenes were cut from Suicide Squad. But now his partner in crime, Margot Robbie, is talking about it too.

In a new interview, Robbie expressed some disappointment of her own, and gave a guess as to why she thinks so much of The Joker and Harley Quinn’s backstory was cut from the movie.

“We filmed so much of our backstory,” Robbie explained. “I think what they realized was that the emotional through-line of the story had to be the mission that we were on, and explaining the Enchantress’s position. The backstory stuff — though it’s like magic — and some of the stuff we shot was insane, they are flashbacks and they’re meant to be snippets.”

You can hear Robbie talk more about it in the video below. She also confirms that she’s trying to get Warner Bros. to make a Harley Quinn spin-off movie.