Teen Titans Go! Digital Issue #34 review


I can usually find something good to say about this title, even at its worst.  A few good gags, some lively illustration, an inoffensive story for kids, anything at all that can at least pass for a recommendation.  This month, I’m almost grasping at straws.

This isn’t bad, mind you, but it isn’t good either.  In fact, it really isn’t much of anything.  It’s a newspaper strip plot unnecessarily stretched out over 20 digital pages when there’s barely enough material to fill five panels.

When the Titans receive an invite from the governor to attend a party in Jump City (which prompts Robin to ask if they even have a governor, which is a pretty funny line), they attend the festivities to find the citizens celebrating their heroics.

Also: pizza.

The Great Unifier™
The Great Unifier™

This is all a nefarious plot by the Mad Mod, though, as the food makes the Titans shrink.

Also pretty funny.
Also pretty funny.

The Mod then tries to eat them (?), only for the punch he drinks to make the Titans grow to gigantic proportions.

I… really don’t know.  That’s all there is.  Fridolfs’ script is harmless and his artistic style is fine, while Jeremy Lawson’s colors are appropriately bright and easy on the eyes, but there just isn’t anything here to recommend or condemn.  It’s fine for kids, but even at a buck it’s a stretch, and there are much better all-ages books out there that actually have some substance.

I genuinely like this show and the book, and as my son has recently gotten into watching it that makes it all the more meaningful.  Even for a 3 1/2 year-old, though, I can’t imagine this holding his interest for long.

If you’re a die-hard Mad Hatter fan he makes an appearance, so it has that going for it.  Little victories, I suppose.

Recommended if:

  • You’re a completist.

Overall: A threadbare plot stretched to the breaking point, there isn’t enough here to either recommend or condemn.  I laughed twice, and it’s harmless, there are just much better ways to spend a dollar.

SCORE: 3.5/10