Sean Gordon Murphy signs exclusive contract, announces original Batman book

Sean Gordon Murphy, of Batman Year One: Two Face & Scare Crow fame, announced some exciting news via Twitter this afternoon! After teasing various Batman themed artwork on social media for weeks, fans assumed the art was for Murphy’s upcoming run on Scott Snyder’s All-Star Batman… until he slyly confirmed that the art was for a “secret project.” Since then, he’s continued to drop hints until today, when he tweeted, “IN ONE HOUR I have a big Batman announcement…”

Roughly an hour later, Murphy returned to Twitter to announce the following (slightly edited to account for Twitter’s character limit):

“For the next two years, I’m exclusively working with DC Comics on two Batman Books: All Star Batman and one that I’m writing/drawing myself. If you’re planning on reading my All Star Batman run (the finale), pick up Snyder’s All Star Batman NOW! The Batman book I’m doing alone will be my Dark Knight and my Year 100 – an elseworld-like take on Batman. My attempt at an opus.  But that won’t start until after All Star Batman is wrapped up. So if you plan on reading these 14+ issues of Sean Gordon Murphy Batman, you best grab All Star Batman now. All Star Batman has an amazing talent pool, and I’m honored to involved. Thanks to both Scott Snyder and DC Comics for the best gig ever!”

Murphy Joker 2

Following the announcement, Murphy offered to answer questions from fans, where he stated that his original Batman run will feature Bruce Wayne as Batman, multiple Batmobiles, and is planned to be an eight (8) issue run. He also mentioned that he plans on utilizing as many rogues as he can, and will be “redesigning everything and everyone” while keeping the characters familiar, but will break as many rules and traditions as possible. At the moment, Murphy does not have a title for his original Batman story (as we discovered thanks to our own Jay Yaws!)

Additional details for Murphy’s Batman and All-Star Batman run will be provided as more details are announced! Until then, let us know what you think about the news!