‘Suicide Squad’ is #1 at the box office again, but there’s bad news too

Suicide Squad was #1 at the box office again this weekend, bringing in another $43.8 million to bring its total domestic gross to $222.9 million. The movie has also made $242.5 million overseas which brings its total worldwide box office number to $465.4 million. Not bad for a week at the box office! It’s not all good news, however…

Suicide Squad’s domestic box office dropped 67% this weekend, which brings it incredibly close to Batman v Superman’s record breaking 69% drop for a superhero movie. Those aren’t the kind of records you want to set.

There could be various reasons for the big drop. For one, Pete’s Dragon and Sausage Party opened this weekend — two critically acclaimed movies — so audiences could have checked those out instead. People also could have decided to stay in and watch the Olympics. It’s also possible that the bad reviews are catching up with Suicide Squad, and that the word of mouth from fans isn’t as strong as some assumed.

As I mentioned in my review on the Batman News podcast, I thought that Suicide Squad was a blast and I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know. It’ll be interesting to see if it hits that $750 million mark that Warner Bros. is hoping for.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter