Is Henry Cavill teasing Superman’s black costume for ‘Justice League’?

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Even though Superman died in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warner Bros. isn’t afraid to let you know that he’ll be alive and well in Justice League, as evident by the official group photo they released (pictured above).

As we can see, Superman is sporting his classic blue and red costume, but a new Instagram post from Henry Cavill suggests that Superman may have another look as well.

Cavill’s new Instagram post clearly shows off his Superman costume, but it’s black instead of blue. Could it just be a black and white Instagram filter? Yep! But many fans are hoping that he returns in the black suit that he wore in the comics after being killed by Doomsday. He wore the black suit to help him absorb more energy from the sun, and become stronger when he came back.

What do you think? Did Cavill just give fans a hint about Superman’s black suit for Justice League? Or is this just an Instagram filter at work. Let me know what you think in the comments below!