‘Suicide Squad’ cast reveals their favorite deleted scenes

By now you’ve heard that a lot of scenes from Suicide Squad were cut from the final movie. Jared Leto hasn’t been shy about this, so his Joker scenes have received the most attention, but everyone who worked on the movie had scenes removed.

In a new interview with MTV, the cast of Suicide Squad revealed their favorite scenes that ended up being left on the cutting room floor.

Margot Robbie said that she had to learn a very “wicked” dance routine for her scene at the club with The Joker, but only quick snippets ended up making it into the movie, which disappointed her a bit.

Jai Courtney revealed that a scene between Boomerang and Killer Croc that got cut. Apparently Boomerang said the wrong thing to Croc, who ended up smacking him into a bunch of containers.

Jared Leto didn’t give any specific examples, but said that an entire DVD could be filled with deleted Joker scenes.

Jay Hernandez and Will Smith didn’t give a serious answer, and joked about a love scene between Deadshot and Rick Flag being cut.

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