Uncropped ‘Suicide Squad’ image reveals Joker/Harley Quinn abuse was cut

Back in May, a Suicide Squad image appeared in Rolling Stone that showed The Joker scolding Harley Quinn. Now, an uncropped version of that image has made its way online, and it gives a better idea of just what was going on in that scene.

Rolling Stone Brazil published the uncropped Joker/Harley Quinn image. We now see that it’s from the helicopter scene when Joker reunited with Harley. In the movie, this scene plays out rather sweetly. The crazy couple shares a kiss, exchange compliments, and then Joker lets Harley know he has her favorite things waiting for them when they get home.

But this image above shows a different take that was cut out from this scene. Joker is clearly scolding Harley, and is probably being verbally abusive as well. That kind of mental and physical abuse is a trademark of their relationship, but it was almost entirely absent from Suicide Squad.

Warner Bros. reportedly wanted to make Suicide Squad lighter and more fun than director David Ayer’s original dark version, and this cut Joker/Harley scene seems to back that up. Instead of showing the abusive side of Joker and Harley’s relationship, they’re pretty much completely in love with each other from the moment Dr. Harleen Quinzel transformers into Harley Quinn.

Hopefully the Suicide Squad Blu-ray includes all of the deleted Joker scenes, as well as all the deleted scenes featuring the other actors.

What do you make of this new image? Would you have liked to see more of Joker and Harley’s traditional relationship, or are you glad Warner Bros. cut it out to make Suicide Squad a bit more fun? Sound off in the comments below!

SOURCE: Rolling Stone Brazil