The incredible ‘Suicide Squad’ end credits and easter eggs are officially online (update)

One of the coolest parts about Suicide Squad was actually its end credits. No, not because the movie was over (I really liked Suicide Squad!), but because it had awesome graphics to accompany the credits.

Buddha Jones is the Los Angeles based company that created those awesome credits, and they’ve put them online for the world to see! They also did work on the trailers, TV spots, and even the movie itself. They did some of the visual effects and they uploaded a highlight reel of that too!

This is your chance to relive some of the coolest moments in Suicide Squad in glorious 1080p, before the Blu-ray is released later this year. For example, in the VFX highlight reel, we get to see a lot of shots of The Joker and Harley Quinn (including that amazing easter egg), plus that classic Deadshot comic book moment, and lots more!

Buddha Jones has disabled the ability to embed their videos, so you’ll have to go over to Vimeo to check them out via the links below.

Update 08/28/16: Unfortunately the videos are now offline.

Vimeo: Suicide Squad end credits

Vimeo: Suicide Squad VFX highlight reel