Watch Deadpool’s creator hilariously explain why he didn’t rip off Deathstroke

Fan art by lonefirewarrior

Everyone has been talking about Deathstroke ever since Ben Affleck released test footage of the villain from his upcoming Batman movie. General audiences may not be familiar with Deathstroke, but they’re definitely familiar with Deadpool.

It’s no secret that Deathstroke and Deadpool have a lot in common. Deadpool was created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza in the early 90s, while Deathstroke has been around since 1980. When Liefeld sent his co-creator his first designs of Deadpool, Nicieza replied “This is Deathstroke from the Teen Titans.”

The similarities are unavoidable. For starters, the characters share similar names. Deathstroke’s real name is Slade Wilson and Deadpool’s is Wade Wilson. Both are well versed with swords and guns. And both characters wear similar costumes, although as Liefeld will point out in the video below… Deathstroke wears orange and blue, while Deadpool wears red and black.

I honestly think hope Liefeld is trolling here, but check out the video below where he gives five reasons as to why he didn’t rip off Deathstroke with Deadpool.