This Week in Comics: Annuals and other misfits

Call me a cynic, but having a fifth Wednesday is kind of like your mom saying “it’s time for dessert” and then handing you a box of raisins. For all of the occasions on which I’ve found myself saying “yay, extra comics! more pages!”, I can remember very few when I got something better than shriveled grapes. This week wasn’t awful, but I don’t think anything especially memorable was released, either.

Thankfully, there’s still a glow in my heart from The Omega Men, and we finally get to see Bryan Hitch’s JLA move a smidge closer to its conclusion. And now that this week is out of the way, we’ll soon return to our regularly scheduled Rebirth.

Batman/Superman vol. 4: Siege


Art by Ardian Syaf, Danny Miki, and Wil Quintana

I found this collection more entertaining overall than much of Pak’s previous work on this series, even if only for its first arc. As a unit, it also benefits greatly from having one principal artist on most of its content.

– Brian (read the full review)

Batman ’66 Meets Steed and Mrs. Peel Digital Issue #7


Art by Michael and Laura Allred

I love it when the creative teams on ’66 do things that wouldn’t have been possible on a Sixties television budget, and a midair battle with rocket-powered robot men ranks up there with the best of them

– Jay (read the full review)

Break from the Bat Special: The Omega Men


Art by Trevor Hutchison

There is beauty in tragedy, and this book thrums with the sorrows of being alive in a harsh world. But there is also beauty in adventure, and for all of its weighty themes and literary significance, The Omega Men is a masterfully-told space adventure glowing with the passion of its team of creators.

– Brian (read the full review)

Gotham Academy Annual #1


Art by Karl Kerschl

It’s difficult to put my finger on why it isn’t great, as it feels like Gotham Academy, but that may be it right there: this feels like just another issue, only stretched to the point of outstaying its welcome.

– Jay (read the full review)

Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harleys #5


Art by Amanda Conner and Alex Sinclair

I can’t help feeling I would have preferred more of an emphasis on the mindless battle between Harley’s gang and the super-bots, but as a chapter of this 6-issue mini, it works well enough, and gives us lots of grist for the final showdown soon to come in the last issue.

– Elena (read the full review)

JLA #9


Art by Bryan Hitch and Alex Sinclair

I was this series’ biggest cheerleader months ago. I still like it, and I still want to see how it wraps up, but my excitement is greatly diminished.

– Brian (read the full review)

Suicide Squad: War Crimes Special #1


Art by Juan Ferreyra

This is a one-and-done story, but it still manages to satisfy nearly everything that I look for in a narrative. The pacing and energy is fast and furious, but there’s enough complexity to the plot that it isn’t just a shallow rush.

– Josh (read the full review)