David Ayer thanks fans as ‘Suicide Squad’ crosses $700 million worldwide

Last weekend Suicide Squad was at the $675 million mark worldwide, and this weekend it hit a huge milestone!

According to director David Ayer, Suicide Squad has now made more than $700 million worldwide. The director sent out a tweet this morning announcing the news and thanking the fans for making it happen.

This is a huge accomplishment for the movie! For one, it’s a brand new superhero franchise. And while it did have characters like Batman and The Joker in it, the main characters were relatively unknown to the general audience. Then there were all those bad reviews from critics, which may have hurt the overall numbers a little bit, but not much as evident by today’s big news. And perhaps biggest of all, the movie was banned in China, so it missed out on lots more money there (Batman v Superman made about $100 million in China).

So there you have it. David Ayer’s movie about bad guys did huge business at the box office! That’s definitely sequel money, so hopefully Warner Bros. will announce their plans for the future soon.