Amy Adams talks ‘Justice League’ morale, praises Zack Snyder after ‘Batman v Superman’ backlash

Variety caught up with Amy Adams last week at the Telluride Film Festival to chat about her acting career. Her role as Lois Lane in the DC Extended Universe came up, particularly the beating that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice took from critics.

“We took a hit,” Adams admitted. “We’ll come back up,” she said optimistically.

Justice League started filming just weeks after Batman v Superman came out, so you could imagine the mood may not have been great on set. When asked how morale was, Adams replied “Everyone is really excited. It’s a totally different film. They’re introducing a lot of different characters.”

Adams explained that her husband watched the Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman and, like most fans, he was upset that they didn’t release that version in theaters.

Adams then shifted her focus to director Zack Snyder, who got beat up the most in those Batman v Superman reviews.

“I just felt for Zack,” Adams said. “Zack’s like the nicest person ever, and to see him kind of talked about like that was really hard for me, because he’s really such a respectful director.”

You can check out the full interview below, where Adams explains what it’s like to work with Zack Snyder and more. The Batman v Superman and Justice League talk starts around the 40:08 mark.

SOURCE: Variety