Disney actor wants to be Robin so badly he made Ben Affleck an audition video

Voice actor Ryan Potter starred in Disney’s 2014 animated movie Big Hero 6, and he thinks he has what it takes to play a live-action version of Robin in Ben Affleck’s Batman movie.

The young actor went as far as to put together a short audition video, which you can check out above. The Robin he specifically wants to play is Tim Drake, and he showed off his aerobatic fighting skills before looking into the camera to address Ben Affleck directly.

“Hey Ben, like Tim said… Batman needs a Robin!”

Personally, I don’t think we’ll be seeing a Robin in Ben Affleck’s Batman movie. If there was a Robin who was alive (R.I.P. Jason Todd) in the DC Extended Universe, why wouldn’t we have met him already in Batman v Superman?

Do you think we might see a Robin in Ben Affleck’s Batman movie? And if so, did Ryan Potter’s audition video convince you that he should play the part? Sound off in the comments below!