Cyborg actor Ray Fisher is jacked for ‘Justice League’

Cyborg actor Ray Fisher is jacked for Justice League… in more ways than one! Obviously he’s excited, but he’s been hitting the gym too, as evident by a new Instagram post this weekend.

Fisher proved that he can hang with Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, and Jason Momoa (sorry Ezra Miller) physically as he showed off some impressive physique. “Half-Man, Half-Machine…” he caption his photo.

And speaking of Cyborg… Ironhead Studio, the uncredited company that created the costumes for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, shared an Instagram post of their own this weekend. We got a look at sculpts of The Flash’s “post apocalyptic” costume that he wore when he was talking to Bruce Wayne, as well as an unused costume for Cyborg.

Is there an “Ultimate Ultimate Edition” somewhere with footage of that suit? Or did Zack Snyder just decide against using it in the movie? Let me know what you think of all this cool Cyborg stuff in the comments below.