Jai Courtney opens up about ‘Suicide Squad’ backlash, a role in ‘The Flash’, and more

MTV’s Josh Horowitz caught up with Jai Courtney on the latest episode of his “Happy Sad Confused!” podcast. Horowitz started the interview by asking Captain Boomerang himself if he was surprised by the negative reaction to the movie.

Courtney explained that he tends to stop listening if things get “too noisy”, which seems to suggest that he zoned out after the negative reviews hit the web. He went on to say that he loved the performances and enjoyed the movie.

Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy was brought up when Courtney asked if there was a superhero movie that fanboys didn’t have gripes with. He agreed that those movies were “f*cking amazing”, but a completely different beast than what they were trying to do with Suicide Squad.

The talk then turned to a DC vs. Marvel discussion, where Courtney referred to DC as “the bad guy” and then talked about Marvel’s movie formula. “They’ve had the time to let that shit marinate,” Courtney said. “Everything’s established now, we don’t have to figure out who anyone is. It’s like ‘Cool. Get them all together and let’s have a f*cking orgy and make a billion dollars'”.

Courtney went out to say how it’s hard to please everyone, but praised David Ayer for his work and said that he hopes they get to do a Suicide Squad sequel.

Horowitz then asked about the rumor that said Courtney would be in The Flash as Captain Boomerang. “Is that the rumor?,” Courtney asked. “I like that rumor. I like that a lot.”

You can check out the full Jai Courtney portion of the podcast in the audio player below. The Suicide Squad talk starts around the 56:58 mark.