Joe Manganiello begins his Deathstroke research for Ben Affleck’s Batman movie

It’s only been a few weeks since he put on the Deathstroke costume and was officially announced as the character, but Joe Manganiello is wasting no time researching the role.

It looks like DC Comics and Warner Bros. sent over a nice care package, filled with Deathstroke comics, toys, and collectibles. The Flash director Famuyiwa got something similar when he joined the DC family.

With test footage being shot, and Joe Manganiello already beginning his research, perhaps Ben Affleck’s Batman movie will be starting production in the next few months. Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes said last week that it’s just a year and a half away, and I’m really starting to think he was referring to the release date.

Batman vs. Deathstroke in March 2018? Yes, please!