Amy Adams on filming ‘Justice League’: “There’s a lot of imagination required”

Warner Bros.

DP/30 caught up with Amy Adams at the Telluride Film Festival earlier this month and posted a great video interview this week. Justice League was brought up towards the end, and Adams spoke about that experience and playing Lois Lane for the third time.

“It’s different now coming back to Lois for the third time, and in each film her requirements (are) so different,” Adams explained. “That’s been the challenge. Playing the same character with different requirements for the story.”

Adams said that it’s fun to be back with the team that she’s worked with since Man of Steel, and it’s equally as fun to get to play Lois again.

Adams explained that the size of a movie like Justice League doesn’t change much for her in terms of her acting, although it sounds like the green screen work can be challenging.

“There’s a lot of imagination required,” Adams admitted. “That’s what’s so great about our job, whether we’re on a big set and we have to imagine that we’re in a city that they’re creating around you, or whether it’s just having to build a relationship with the other person. It still requires the same imagination and getting lost in what we create.”

You can check out Adams’ full Justice League comments in the video below. They start at the 22:28 mark.