Ben Affleck talks about his new Batman costume for ‘Justice League’ and his Batman movie

Ben Affleck is starting to promote his new movie The Accountant, which hits theaters on October 14th, and that means he’s going to be answering a lot of questions about Justice League and his Batman movie. Up first, is an interview with Mario Lopez from Extra.

Lopez asked Affleck to talk about his new Batman costume for Justice League, which director Zack Snyder revealed last month. Affleck explained that there are two suits in the movie, the one we’ve seen before, and this new “tactical Batsuit”.

Affleck said that Batman puts together the new suit because of the nature of the hero’s mission in Justice League, which of course he wouldn’t go into. It has a bunch of new tech and Affleck said it was a lot of fun.

When asked if he was directing his own standalone Batman movie, Affleck kind of brushed it off and replied “That’s right. That’s what they say”. He didn’t seem too excited to talk about it, but that could be because of what he said over the summer about not being 100% happy with the script yet. He did, however, confirm that J.K. Simmons will be in the movie. But we already knew that. What would a Batman movie be without Commissioner Gordon?

You can check out Affleck’s full comments in the video interview above.