Margot Robbie jokes about Jared Leto’s ‘Suicide Squad’ method acting on SNL

Margot Robbie hosted the season premiere of Saturday Night Live last night, and she absolutely crushed it!

For her monologue, the Australian actress joked about the US political system and said she was surprised that politicians lie. She vowed that she would never lie, and would fact check her monologue live as it goes along.

“Suicide Squad was such a great movie to work on,” Robbie said. “Jared Leto stayed in character the whole time, which was so, so fun”. Robbie then ‘fact checked’ her statement, turned to the camera and joked “Not fun! It was kind of uncomfortable”.

Check out her full monologue below, along with two of her funniest skits of the night. The first, “Live Report” is my favorite, and “The Librarian” is pretty funny too!