J.K. Simmons talks Gordon’s look in ‘Justice League’ and his first day filming

Ben Affleck isn’t the only Batman actor in the upcoming movie The Accountant. J.K. Simmons stars in it as well, and they shot it last year before Simmons ever signed on to play Commissioner Gordon.

In an interview with Collider, Simmons was asked about his first day on the Justice League set as Gordon, and what it was like being thrown into a big scene with Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Cyborg, rather than starting off with something smaller.

“Yeah well there’s not a lot of ‘small’ on those kinds of sets. When you’re working with Zack Snyder ‘small’ is not the word that comes to mind, or any of those DC Universe kinds of projects. I mean there are two schools of thought about that for actors. It is kind of nice, in a way—especially when you’re playing a supporting part—to start out just kind of doing a little ‘Oh and then you’re gonna walk down this hall, say hi to this guy, and that’s your day’s work.’ Kinda get your feet wet. Or whether it’s better to just dive into the deep end and get some of the heavy stuff out of the way. It was fun, I mean that whole universe is something I’m really excited to be a part of for a while down the road hopefully.”

Simmons was also asked about the look of Gordon, which we saw last month, and how he looks like he was ripped right out of the pages of a comic.

“And that’s what I wanted very much to do. As we sort of went back and forth with Zack and I and the wardrobe and hair and makeup and all those people, saying how we wanted the look to be, I think we all ended up being very much on the same page.”

Yesterday Ben Affleck announced the name of his upcoming Batman movie, and that J.K. Simmons would star in it as well.

SOURCE: Collider