Watch the first 12 minutes of ‘Batman: Arkham VR’

Batman: Arkham VR and PlayStation VR don’t come out until next week on October 13th, but the first reviews have started to hit the web.

IGN has shared the first 12 minutes of Batman: Arkham VR, which you can watch in the video above. They gave the game a score of 7.2/10 and said:

“Being Batman in Akrham VR is a great way to more intimately experience Rocksteady’s universe and to search for clues in this brief mystery. However, the world and characters around you are largely rigid and unresponsive to your actions, which leaves a lot on the table for a game about a character known as much for his brawn as he is for his brains.”

Batman: Arkham VR is available for just under $20, since the main story is about 90 minutes long.

Are you planning on picking up PlayStation VR and Batman: Arkham VR? Let me know in the comments below.