New Batwoman comic series coming in February

Few characters have benefitted from Rebirth as much as Kate Kane.  Once the star of her own acclaimed series, she had been relegated to occasional cameos and supporting roles in the past year.  Thanks to DC’s line-wide soft reboot, though, Batwoman has found new life as the more than capable lead of Detective Comics.

Today, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Batwoman will star in a new self-titled ongoing series debuting next February.  The series will launch out of an upcoming two-part Detective Comics arc, titled “Batwoman Begins,” written by Marguerite Bennett and ‘Tec mainstay James Tynion IV.  The duo will then write a Rebirth one-shot due in February, with art by Steve Epting, and the series proper will begin in March.  Tynion will collaborate on the first arc of the book before Bennett takes over solo writing duties going forward.

What this means for the team concept of ‘Tec remains unclear, though the story will follow up on the “Night of the Monster Men” crossover so there will still be some ties present.

As always, let us know what you think, and we’ll have more news as we hear it.

Update: James Tynion IV has confirmed that Batwoman will stay on as co-lead of Detective Comics.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter