New DC Super Hero Girls series announced

News and announcements from New York Comic Con are coming out in full force today.  In addition to Batwoman headlining her own series once more, DC has revealed plans for their all-ages DC Super Hero Girls line.

First up is the new digital-first series Past Times at Super Hero High, the first issue of which is available today.  The series, which will be collected in print as a graphic novel in 2017, follows the title characters as they bounce around time.  If it involves both dinosaurs and Vandal Savage, I think it goes without saying that I’m already on board.


For Liberty Belle’s “History of Heroes” class, WONDER WOMAN, SUPERGIRL, BATGIRL, HARLEY, KATANA, BUMBLEBEE and IVY take a time machine to learn about the past, up close and personal. But when the girls can’t help themselves from intervening in a past battle, they alter the course of history. When they return to the present, they find that Super Hero High is now run by VANDAL SAVAGE! The girls will have to ping-pong through time, trying to find the right way to restore order—and Amanda Waller—to Super Hero High.

Writer: Shea Fontana

Artists: Agnes Garbowska, Yancey Labat, and more to be announced

On Sale: The first chapter is available for download now via the DC App,, iBooks,, Google Play, Kindle Store, and Nook Store.

The first installment is also being offered for free at ReadDCEntertainment for one day only, so be sure to head over there and use the code “PASTTIMES” to get your download.


Also announced is the next full-length graphic novel, Wonder Woman: Summer Olympus.  This will be the third original graphic novel for the line, following this summer’s Finals Crisis and Hits and Myths, which releases November 1st.


School’s out for summer, which means WONDER WOMAN has to take her annual trip to visit her dad, ZEUS. Wonder Woman usually feels like an outsider among the gods and goddess of her paternal family (and she hates the constant barrage of “You’ve gotten so big! How tall are you now?”), so she’s thrilled when Zeus says she can bring a few friends along. When the girls arrive at Olympus, it’s not long before the family reunion devolves into a family competition. When jealous ARES enters the scene and stokes the fires of distrust, the family feud turns into a battle for Wonder Woman’s soul! The gods offer Wonder Woman the ability to become “full goddess” and increase her powers – but at the cost of renouncing her life at Super Hero High. Will Wonder Woman refuse the offer, and if she does, might this mean war on Super Hero High? When Ares and STRIFE work their battle-magic on Wonder Woman’s friends, it’s super hero girl against super hero girl in the battle for Metropolis!

Writer: Shea Fontana

Artist: Yancey Labat

On Sale: July 11, 2017

US $9.99

Source: DC Comics