Artist Khoi Pham is joining “Teen Titans”

I spoke with writer Benjamin Percy at New York Comic Con today, and he revealed that artist Khoi Pham—best known for his work at Marvel—will be taking over art duties on Teen Titans from Jonboy Meyers beginning with December’s Teen Titans #3.

“[Khoi] really seems to be harkening back to the Mike McKone and Tony Daniel days,” said Percy, who has worked with more than his share of talented artists, having broken into the business paired with John Paul Leon on a two-part Detective Comics arc, and has since collaborated with Patrick Zircher, Otto Schmidt, and Juan Ferreyra.

I’ll be bringing you the rest of my interview with Percy soon, but in the meantime, check me out on twitter @mrwarshaw for some highlights from this morning’s “DC Rebirth – What’s Next?” panel.