How Zack Snyder’s favorite UK coffee shop ended up in ‘Justice League’

With Zack Snyder officially announcing that Justice League has wrapped in the UK with a very cool video yesterday, I thought it would be fun to cover a story that I didn’t get a chance to over the summer because of the avalanche of Suicide Squad content there was to cover.

According to a source at UK website The Independent, a small coffee shop called “Fred and Ginger” will be featured in Justice League. It’s close to Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden (where the majority of Justice League was shot) and apparently director Zack Snyder loved the place so much he had a replica built for the movie.


If true, that’s pretty cool! And it wouldn’t be the first time Zack Snyder put something he loved into a movie. For example, the car that Bruce Wayne drives in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is Snyder’s own personal Aston Martin.

SOURCE: The Independent